Part of my 'mission' (if you want to call it that) is to try to clarify the legal position for people importing the new generation Hepatitis C drugs, such as Sofosbuvir and Harvoni into their own country for personal use.
There is a lot of misinformation and fear associated with this. Here is the info on Canada, supplied by my Canadian friend John, who demostrates that if you make a determined effort the truth is not too difficult to find.

In a nutshell you can import licensed generic Hep C medicines, such as generic Harvoni, Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir into Canada but it must be either through your doctor or your pharmacist. I have helped people with this and in all cases these have passed through Canada's Customs with no problem.

Some Canadian doctors ( the ones who care about their patients with Hep C) will help with this, some will not. My suggestion is that if your doctor does not care about you enough to do this for you then find a doctor who actually remembers their oath.

The rules  found on the Canada Customs website :

In short these rules indicate that one can go to India and buy and return with Harvoni or Sofosbuvir with a prescription but can't have it shipped or couriered. Here's the relevant section:

Canadian Residents
26. Health Canada may exercise enforcement discretion to permit a Canadian returning from abroad to bring with them, on their person, a single course of treatment or a 90-day supply based on the directions for use, whichever is less, of a prescription drug. This discretion is generally reserved for, but not limited to, Canadian residents returning to Canada with prescription drugs which were dispensed for a treatment prior to leaving Canada, or drugs obtained through a filled prescription to treat an illness while abroad.

27. Prescription drugs imported in this fashion must be for the individual’s own personal use or the use of a person for whom they are responsible and with whom they are travelling. Additionally, all personal importations of prescription drugs must be packaged in the hospital, pharmacy dispensing or retail packaging, or have the original label affixed to it clearly indicating what the product is and what it contains.

28. The CBSA may detain and refer prescription drugs to Health Canada when these conditions are not met.

29. Canadian residents may not import prescription drugs by mail or courier
(exceptions are doctors and pharmacists)

Importing Sofosbuvir or Harvoni into Canada for personal use.