13th October 2015

Twinvir and generic Harvoni from Bangladesh
The vexed question of what generic drug treatment to use for treating Hepatitis C genotype 1 has been on many peoples minds over the past 6 months.

Whilst research shows that Gilead's Harvoni (Sofosbuvir plus Ledipasvir) is the most effective against this Hep C genotype Harvoni only wins this position by a couple of percentage points with other drug combos such as Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir and Sofosburvir + Simeprevir close behind Harvoni in cure rates.

The big difference has been that Sof+Dac and Sof+Sim have been available in generic form for nearly 6 months whereas Sof+Led (Harvoni) has not been available except as an API.

So a lot of people have chosen to use the Sof+ Daclatasvir or Sof+Simeprevir to treat their G1 infection.

To add to this mix the anticipated release of Indian generic Harvoni, due in December 2015, has appeared threatened from several directions and this has caused some worry amongst people how had decided to wait for generic Harvoni.

Then suddenly there was news of a generic Harvoni available out of Bangladesh. This product, Twinvir, was being manufactured by a well known manufacturer named Incepta. Incepta has a good reputation making and selling generic drugs to Africa.
The question on everyone's lips was "How reliable is this drug?"
Last week a sample of Twinvir was brought to Australia for testing by Dr James Freeman of FixHepC. Using a mass spectrometer the Twinvir sample was compared with a genuine, branded sample of Gilead's Harvoni.
The results was that both samples were identical.
This was good news and certainly insurance against the Indian generic Harvoni being blocked however there were still problems.

Dealing with India can be tricky, even very difficult, for the inexperienced. Bangladesh is India on steroids, it is chaos.
So getting reliable supply lines set up is a challenge to say the least. Then getting effective and reliable shipping systems in place is another challenge. Because of Bangladesh's currency laws even paying for the Twinvir is difficult.

However my friends in India are now in the process of solving these problems and have flown to Bangladesh recently for this purpose.
At this point in time they expect to have reliable supply lines and shipping systems in place by the first week in November for Twinvir and also a generic version of Daclatasvir.

How is Twinvir made?
Bangladesh does not have the capability to actually make the active ingredients, the APIs, used in Harvoni so these are imported in bulk from China, I believe from Mesochem.
Once Incepta has the APIs it is simply a matter of mixing the APIs with an appropriate filler and running that mix through a tableting machine. A simple process indeed a process that is totally automated using machinery that is common to all pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world.
We already know that Mesochem's APIs are perfect copies of the branded APIs.

We still do not know what the exact cost of a 12 week treatment of Twinvir, delivered, will be but expect it to be around the US$1,500 mark

17th October 2015
Well I just has a few days away from the computer and traveled to Tasmania's West Coast wilderness for a couple of days off trail bush walking.
Off trail means we were not following any any tracks but simply walking through pure wilderness into pristine and ancient forests. Our starting point was reached by driving my old four wheel drive over ten kilometers of very rough terrain that probably has one or two cars per year drive across it. Once we reached the end of the track we found a place to enter the forest and walked into the rugged and steep terrain. Because once in the forest one can not see the horizon or the sky we had to keep a very clear sense of direction and compass use was important. One of the reasons for this walk to that we wanted to locate an abandoned gold field from the 19th century that was located in on of the steep valleys. After a couple of hours walking we found it and followed the gravel stream through the primeval forest until we came the a junction of two ridged that marked our way out. We left the valley and followed the ridge back to near where the car was waiting. We walked all day through the most rugged terrain you can imagine. We traveled in a giant loop probably walking about 15 kilometers.

Why am I talking about this? What does it have to do with Hepatitis C? Well it is similar to my story about the hole I am digging, it is about the cure.
Six months ago I could not have done a walk of this length or difficulty, it would have been impossible. Now I can do it no problems, sure my feet and legs were sore but so were the feet and legs of the guy I went with who is 15 years younger than me and fit as a fiddle.
Every day now I get positive emails from people who are at different stages of their treatments. They are all reporting the dramatic and rapid improvements in their health, their energy levels, their mental and physical fitness.
Some are 4 weeks in to treatment, some have just completed treatment, all a feeling great and feeling positive about the future that only a few months ago had seemed so bleak.
Everyone reports improvements, no-one ever writes and says "Oh I'm 6 weeks into treatment and nothing has improved."
Viral loads are down or gone. Liver functions have returned to normal for the first time in 20 years. Hope and health has returned. The cure is available now.

HI Greg
I am just into 5 days of sof and dac and I am stunned.I feel better than I have for ages.I feel like a lead weight that I have carried around for years without realising it has suddenly been lifted from my body.I had feared the opposite,after reading some negative accounts of side effects.
Could 5 days really make that much difference?I haven't noticed any ill effects of the riba yet. In fact I went for a long bike ride yesterday.I keep wondering- is it this easy or is there much worse to come,or am I one of the lucky ones? My biggest fear is that I will forget to take the stuff. Have put a series of alarms on my mobile.
Anyway thanks and thanks again


18th October 2015
Well my days off were great. After my off track walk in the mountains I went down to the coast and went fossicking for semi-precious gemstones amongst the wave washed pebbles on the beaches there. The surf was huge and wild and the air and roar of the waves was invigorating.
Then the long drive home with a wonderful break to visit my son, daughter-in-law and 10 month old grandson. A year ago I thought that there was a chance that I would not live long enough to see my grandson reach manhood but now I'm not worried about that at all. I love being "Poppy" and watching the little rascal growing every day. Thanks to India, thanks to generic medicines and thanks to the fact I did not listen to the pompous specialists at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney who advised me to wait until the meds came on the PBS.

Who are still advising people to wait.

Who rely on the big money from Big Pharma for their personal research projects. Who get taken to lunch by the drug company representatives. Who think that they have a right to withhold information from their patients.

An email from a correspondent of his experiences at St Vincent's in Sydney.

I am going to see Dr D....., the specialist at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney and I am pretty sure that he won't write a script, he's a bit aloof and doesn't like to tell me details of test results etc - eg last visit I asked him what my viral load is and he responded he didn't like to tell patients as it is not indicative of disease progression. Will ask him for a script and all necessaries anyway and if he won't help I'm considering either internet Dr (in tassie) or taking a trip to India.

Another one from St Vincent's in Sydney (I should make clear here that St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne has the exact opposite approach and is praised universally by all patients who write to me of their wonderful experiences with the Specialists there.)

Hi Greg,
I have had great results after only 8 days of using the meds.
All my liver functions are now back to normal.
I have not done the viral load yet, next week I’m due for another blood test so might ask the nurse to include that test.
St. Vincent's Hospital (Sydney) have been really horrible so I moved to Prince of Wales under the care of the Head Nurse  who is really wonderful.
She mentioned she had been in contact with you.....

I have found it dumbfounding that some medical people (such as at St Vincent's in Sydney) are actually deterring people from seeking help. Makes me wonder who they truly are?
Why would you tell people who might have months to live, or scheduled for liver transplant, to wait for 6 months or more when the cure is available now? Dumbfounding!

So we come up again against the problem of arrogant doctors who think that they have some innate superiority over their patients that entitles them to disregard the wishes and needs of their patients whilst they, the specialists, pursue their own agendas, usually connected to advancing their careers and/or professional reputation.
The primary role of a doctor is to get their patients healthy. They work for the patient. They are employed by the patient. A doctor is no different from a plumber or a mechanic. The patient employs the doctor to fix a problem, that is the beginning and end of the story.
Somehow, over the years, some members of the medical profession have somehow elevated themselves into some form of social elite. The huge money that they earn has helped in this process.

The question is are these doctors "earning" or "deserving" these huge incomes if they are not doing what is best for their patients, not saving their lives, not making them healthy. But if they are not doing that then what use are they? If they are standing in the way of people getting cured, preventing people getting healthy again, then what use are they?
What are their agendas? Who are they really working for?
I wonder how many dollars in research grants  and other little inducements flow from Gilead or Bristol Myer and Squid to buy compliance from doctors. I wonder how many millions of dollars in grant money flows to these "anti-generic" research doctors from the big drug companies and if that money has influenced their position on generic Hep C drugs?
I wonder?

That said I must also say that there are many fantastic specialists who now routinely suggest that their patients use or acquire generic Hepatitis C medicines. None that I know of in Sydney or Brisbane but plenty everywhere else.
I hope this will change as the hundreds of people getting cured now using these generic treatments becomes thousands and even the most skeptical doctors will have to acknowledge the effectiveness of this form of Hep C treatment.

I would like to end today's rant with an amusing but thought provoking email I received today from a friend who is about to start his treatment using Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir APIs from Mesochem:

Hi Greg
I am going in for pre-treatment tests next week and then I am going to start. My wife is playing my devil's advocate about me starting the generic treatment so I challenged her to find just ONE negative comment anywhere online about Mesochem products that came directly from the company.
She found none.
She did, however, find a great deal of concern on the Gilead shareholders' website about Mesochem.
Greedy lot there.
Thanks for your time and guidance

19th October 2015
Well it's Spring and the rye grass fields around my house are releasing their unending clouds of pollen... hayfever time for the next 6 weeks. Again I am thankful for modern chemistry and the invention of the antihistamine. Fortunately the inventors antihistamines do no charge $1,000 per pill.

Because about 50% of the people with Hep C have genotype 1 there are a lot of folk waiting for generic Harvoni to come. Some have already used Mesochem APIs to create their own generic Harvoni equivalent and others have used Sofosbuvir combined with Daclatasvir or Simeprevir to as a treatment for their Hepatitis C.

In the meantime, while we have been fretting about the release of generic Harvoni in India two pharmaceutical companies have begun production using Chinese APIs.
Incepta is making Twinvir and Beximco is selling Lesovir-C.
These are both available now, well actually both companies have now sold out of stock and the next batch should be ready around the 24th of October.

Twinvir has been tested and is an exact copy of Harvoni but I am not aware of any tests on Lesovir-C.
My friends in India are at this moment working to secure reliable supply and shipping structures from Bangladesh and this will be done properly so that supply and quality is certain. These systems should be in place by the first week in November.
Meanwhile the advent of these two generic Harvoni drugs from Bangladesh has changed the balance of things in India and, more or less, ensured that licensed generic Harvoni will be released in India by early December.
Whilst there seem to be no quality issues with the Bangladesh products I know a lot of people will prefer to purchase their generic Harvoni from a Gilead licensed manufacturer.
The prices are not definite yet but it looks like a price of around US$1,500 is the likely cost for generic Harvoni from either country, including shipping and other costs.

Generic Daclatasvir is also now available from Bangladesh from Beacon Industries. The cost of this, including shipping is approximately US$500 for 84 tablets. This has also been tested and found to be identical to BMS Daclatasvir.

21st October 2015

Below is a great email I got from a guy in Poland who decided to use Sof+Dac APIs because of price and ease of importing. He was a bit worried about how reliable the Chinese APIs would be and then when he got them he could not find a chemist in Poland who would do the compounding so he purchased some scales and capsules and did it himself.
After 14 days of treatment he was again really worried because he could not feel any side effects, which he had been expecting would be severe. He was worried he was just eating fake APIs. Please read on:

Hi Greg,
I know you are a very busy man so only in few words an update about my 14
days into treatment compare with blood test taken 3 days before treatment. It was very (very very) difficult 14 days as I had not experienced any side effects. Not at all, not any. Not even a headache. Was not sure if I was taking the right
stuff.... Now I know.

Alt: was 153 now is 32
Aspat: was 68 now is 22
Ggtp: was 103 now is 62

I will do viral load in another 14 days. I did not want to "push" too much
for first time tests.
Even my wife told me I do not look so tired as before.
So Yes, it looks like it is working.
Yes, it is thanks to you to a big extent.
Will update you soon.


Of course some people do get side effects from Sof + Dac and Sof + Led and I was discussing this issue with a doctor the other evening.
He explained that it is mostly a weight based issue. Because both these DAA combos are a "one dose fits all" tablet people with a small body mass are going to have more difficulty dealing with any side effects. For example a person of 60 kilograms of weight is essentially taking double the dosage of a person of 100 kilos of weight. So obviously any negative effect of the drug combo is going to exaggerated in the thinner person.
Drinking plenty of water and a healthy diet are important to helping the body deal with the presence of Hepatitis C treatments.

So what else is happening?
Well every day now I get emails from folk who are at different stages of their treatments with the expected good results. Not a single person using these Hep C generics has reported anything but good results. I can not explain how great that makes me feel as I have invested a lot of personal time and energy into banging the generic drum over these last months so, in the back of my mind, there was some concern about outcomes but now that has gone.
I now know a significant number of people who have passed the SVR 12 point, all who started using  generics before me. I have heard of no relapses from generic treatment though, statistically, we know that there will have to be some eventually.
So far it is all good news. Two or three brands of generic Harvoni are now coming or abut to come out of Bangladesh as well as a single tablet combining Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir, which will be a world first and great news for people with G2 and G3.
The other bit of news is that subsidised Hep C treatment has become available on the British NHS but, of course, I have already received emails from people with Hep C who tried to get the treatment and were told to come back some time in 2016.... the old story.  Sadly it is certain that access will be restricted to about 10% of the Hep C population in Britain. This means that the treatment rate will basically equal the new cases rate.
Thank god that Indian generics allow us to take control of our own health and not be held to the whims of governments.

22nd October 2015
You may remember a couple of weeks back I published two emails from two different patients with Hep C.
One was from a lady seeing the Coffs Harbour Liver Clinic and the other was from a woman seeing a Liver Clinic in Victoria.
Both had had rather unpleasant experiences when the staff found out that they were using the India Hep C generic treatment.
But things are changing rapidly because people like these two ladies are prepared to take control of their own health, make their own decisions about treatment and then heal themselves.
Of course the results speak for themselves and the astounding improvements in LFT results and viral loads have turned many heads in the Australian Hep C treatment world. Heads are turning and opinions are changes. Too slowly for my liking but changing they are.
Below is what happened to the lady who attended the Victorian Liver Clinic. It is a great read and very encouraging.

3 weeks ago I was the 1st patient on HCV generics that the Geelong Hospital Liver Clinic saw. Their initial reaction was horror. I was berated for being irresponsible and told I might not be able to be monitored by the clinic for my actions.

I was surprised that the clinic was so far out of the loop with what was going on considering the recent media attention.

I phoned the Melbourne St Vincents clinic and the Nurses they were great, very reassuring, and they told me of many rebel patients who are having great success. I could hear the happiness in her voice as she spoke about this compared to the angry rebuke I experienced in Geelong. They also told me that Geelong Liver clinic had contacted them about a patient (me) for advice.

During last week I received a phone call from a lovely nurse at the Geelong Liver Clinic. She had been given the task to do the research and bring the clinic up to date. She apologised for the clinic saying, "We are just country yokels in the dark" .

(Geelong is one of Victoria's biggest regional cities an hour from Melbourne!)

We talked for a while about the treatments and the frustrations that the doctors and nurses face due to lack of access to both the regulated and the generic life saving drugs. She was concerned about the many folks who aren't computer savvy or didn't have enough money to even buy the Generics.

This nurse also told me after the recent meetings in Sydney with doctors and the Government. The word amongst her colleagues is, that the "HCV DAA's would NOT be listed on the PBS in December for administration early next year".

The nurse asked if she could give my phone number to a few people who were interested in curing themselves with the generics but were nervous of taking this path.

"Oh well I'm not a doctor, I'm not sure about giving people my phone number at this stage. but I would like to help". I answered with bewildered caution.

So it seems they are up to speed and have been empowered with the knowledge of the success of the Generics and the approval to monitor patients like us.

This has given me much food for thought. Things are changing rapidly and hospitals are obviously getting on board with the the Generic Rebels. But still their hands are tied until they can prescribe these drugs themselves. This must be somewhat disempowering for them

How much of a load can the Buyers clubs take and how long will it be until everyone has access to drugs that could eradicate the HCV virus?

And....what about the many who don't have a computer or the 2 to 4K to buy generics? - What can we do to help?

I will attend the clinic tomorrow for my 4 week blood test results. I'll have to wait a bit longer for my 'Viral Load count' Exciting!!!!

A huge side effect from these drugs is love and compassion and the renewed energy to give something back as Dr Freeman and Greg Jefferys have shown us is possible.

So there is hope and things are changing but change will only happen if we make it happen. The best way to force this change is for YOU to get yourself well. Grab the chance while it is here. Get the generics while you can.

24th October 2015
Every day now I get a number of emails from the USA and the UK from people desperate to get the generic Hepatitis C treatment to cure their disease.
The biggest problem faced by these people is to find a supportive doctor. If they can find a supportive doctor then I can help them get the meds through. We have a 100% success rate for both these countries, everything legal, everything declared, all paperwork stating exactly what is being shipped. Some companies make false declarations of contents calling them vitamins or herbal treatments, which I have no problem with if it helps someone get their meds, but it is not the way we operate.
So we ship, we do the paperwork, we assist folk at the other end with their side of the paperwork and the meds get through but ONLY if there is a supportive doctor who is prepared to write a prescription and then a letter explaining why their patient needs these medications.
It is not a big ask but both in the USA and the UK it is almost impossible to find a doctor who is prepared to put their patient's health above their personal fear of being sued by someone or fear of their medical association.
Basically nearly all the doctors in the USA and the UK are cowards. Yes it is harsh but true, cowards through and through, more worried about their income than their patient's health.
In the UK there is just one doctor who will prescribe generic meds for their sick and dying patients; in the USA I know of only four. The rest shiver in their boots and bow and scrape in fear before the power of Big Pharma. Cowards one and all.

Yet in Australia the exact opposite is the case.

Here about half of the Liver Clinics in Australia now regularly write scripts to allow their patients to get generic Hep C medicines from overseas. There are hundreds and hundreds of doctors who will write prescriptions for these new DAAs. Liver specialists regularly refer their patients to me to get assistance in organising these medicines.

Why is this happening?

Basically there are a few reasons, there is a formula.
First it requires a person with Hep C to stand up and say:

"I have Hep C and I am treating it with generics and I am going to get well."

This person needs to make enough noise to attract some news media attention in their country so that their story will get some coverage. This person has to be prepared to take risks in order to further the cause.

The the best thing would be for someone (or better still four or five people) to travel to India, buy the meds and announce to the media that they are going to bring them back to the USA and challenge Customs and the FDA to stop them at the border and confiscate their medicine.

This would get the news media's attention.

These people would need a medical doctor (or several doctors) to be supportive of their operations and be prepared to make a big noise in the media about it. Better still would be a doctor who would fly with this group and bring back a couple of treatments for his or her patients and challenge the FDA and Customs to arrest him.
The following media attention would creative public debate about the insane issues surrounding people dying from Hep C when the cure is there and available.
It requires brave people to stand up and make a noise but what is happening in the UK and the USA is that no-one is standing up and making a big noise. A few people are hiding in the bushes and shaking a few branches but it needs more than that.
It needs people with courage to make a stand, to challenge the powers that be, to make a noise and bring this terrible injustice about medical access into the social arena. To risk arrest and trial.
This is what has happened in Australia, though fortunately I have not yet been arrested.
As it happened I was the person who brought back the meds from India without a prescription and then brought the debate into the news media.

Dr James Freeman, founder of FixHepC, was the doctor who stood up and made a big noise about the injustices and then started his buyers club. Fortunately he has not yet been arrested.

Together James and I began this process only 5 months ago and in that time the entire position of the Australian medical establishment has been changed.

Of course Hepatitis Australia, with their quarter of a million dollars a year from Big Pharma, still does not support us.

The same is true in the UK and USA where most of the so-called Hepatitis Support organisations receive major funding from the drug companies. So few of these groups, who should be advocating for access to generics, are doing so; indeed many are actively dissuading people from using generics.

Not all but most.

So who will it be? Will you stand up and shake the tree? Who will organise the action? Who will be the game changer? Who will save the lives of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people by standing up and shouting:
"I have Hep C and I will be cured!"
And who is the doctor who will support this person?

28th October 2015

Well the outcome from the Geelong Liver Clinic must have raised some eye brows but they brought about good changes:

Hi Greg,  
An update from my experience with Geelong Liver Clinic.  Things are changing rapidly. I’m into week 4 and feeling great.  All side effects are wonderful.


And another email from another person into his treatment with generic Hep C meds, the combo of Sof+Dac.

Hi Greg,
Just wanted to update you on de meds. After  two weeks of taking indian Sofosbuvir + Mesochem's Daclatasvir (which i encapsulated my self), viral load test is NOT DETECTED and Liver function test is NORMAL ☺!
Thank you very much for everything you did
all the best

So at this stage I can say that everyone with Hep C but without cirrhosis who has been tested at 2 weeks has reached "No Virus Detected" at 2 weeks. Everyone without cirrhosis who has been tested at 4 weeks has reached "No Virus Detected" at 4 weeks. Every person with cirrhosis has reached "No Virus Detected" stage by 8 weeks.
Now we are not talking one or two people here... we are talking hundreds of people. People whose Health Insurance refused to cover them. People whose doctors and liver clinics told them to "Wait, wait, wait."
These people are now virus free.
They are in the USA, the UK , Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Morocco, Malta, Peru, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Cambodia, Indonesia, Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, Argentina.... I could go on and on.
Many are approaching SVR 12.
But many are still waiting. I do not know why.

The big news is that licensed generic Harvoni will be released in India earlier than expected, by mid November. This appears to be India's response to the early launch of generic Harvoni products, such as Twinvir, in Bangladesh. I suspect most folk will be aiming at the licensed products rather than the Bangladesh unlicensed Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir combo. This should put some price pressure on Bangladesh and make their product more affordable for local people in Asia.

It seems that all four licensed Indian manufacturers will release their Sof + Ledispasvir products at the same time. Certainly I have confirmation that both Hetero and Mylan intend to do so,, in mid November.
Exact prices are not yet known but it seems likely that a price of around US$1,500 or less will be close to the figure.

29th October 2015
UK Generic Hep C Medicines Importation Breakthrough

Wow this is BIG... Hep C patients in Britain DO NOT need a prescription from their doctor to import generic Hep C meds for personal use into the UK.

I recently wrote to the British MHRA, their regulatory authority on these matters and the reply I received states clearly that a prescription is NOT required from a UK doctor to import these Hep C treatment medicines. A prescription from an India doctor is suggested but not required if meds are sent by post. A prescription from an Indian doctor I can help arrange using your existing medical records such as test results etc. So forget about the UK's spineless doctors and autocratic health buerocrats and just import the meds and get yourself healed.
Please read the exact copy of the reply below.

From: MHRA Customer Services
Sent: Friday, June 19, 2015 9:50 PM

To: greg jefferys

Subject: RE: Sending prescription medicine from India to the UK

Dear Mr Jeffreys,
Thank you for your email on importing medicine for personal use.

There is no requirement for a member of the public to notify the MHRA of the importation of medicines for personal use and the legislation does not restrict such importation. Consequently, we do not issue any form of licence, certificate or authorisation to aid personal importation. We consider personal use to involve the use of the products by you or your immediate family or household; under such importation you must not sell or supply imported medicines onward as this would be considered placing the product onto the market.

Please note that up to a 3 month supply of a medicine is considered to be an acceptable quantity for personal use, HM Revenue and Customs can prevent importation if large quantities are being imported and/or they have suspicions that the product is not being imported for personal use. There is more information on the HM Revenue and Customs website at the link below:


We would also advise you to investigate whether the product(s) to be imported would be categorised as controlled substances in the UK. Controlled drugs are regulated by the Home Office under the Misuse of Drugs Act, and can require a licence to allow their entry into the UK. The Home Office have published a list (although not exhaustive) of controlled substances on their website and we would advise you to contact them directly for clarification on whether a Home Office licence is required for importation into the UK:


If you would be posting packages containing medicines, we suggest including a copy of the prescription and/or a letter from your doctor explaining why the product(s) are required; the package should be clearly labeled on the outside stating the contents of the package and that the products are for personal use. Medicines should be kept in their original packaging and should be transported in accordance with storage conditions specified by the Manufacturer (this not only helps identify the medicines, but also helps ensure the product’s stability).

I hope you find this information useful.
Kind Regards,

############ (name removed for privacy reasons)

Customer Services
Communications division

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
151 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 9SZ
Telephone: 020 3080 6000
Email: info@mhra.gsi.gov.uk

Email me if you need any assistance

30th October 2015
Whilst the news above is good news for Hep C sufferers in the UK the bad news is that the arrogance and ignorance of UK doctors still prevails as they try to prevent people from getting well and healthy, to obstruct them from a cure as the email below describes an experience I hear repeated every day in the UK while the UK's premier Hep C forum and supposed 'advocate" Hepatitis C Trust still uses fear and false information to try to disuade and otherwise prevent people in the UK from using generic Hep C treatment. By the way The Hep C Trust receives huge amounts of money from Big Pharma every year. Have they been bought off? I think that their actions are suggestive of this.

My name is ###### and I reside in South Wales in the U.K.. I have been following your blog with great interest since May of this year. I was diagnosed with Hep c exactly two years ago. Today I went for my six monthly check up and was informed that there was good news and bad news, the good news was that Harvoni is available on the NHS but the bad news was that I am at the bottom of the pile because my liver is healthier than other Hep c Patients. I was quite calm, then asked him if I could get the Harvoni drug or similar from abroad, i.e India. The reply was quite abrupt and was informed the the UK government would only supply quality drugs to there patients, even though i would have to wait God knows how long for the "Real Deal". Greg, would you please help me, I was so angry today I could have cried with frustration. I would even take a trip to India or anywhere to buy the generic equivalent.
Kindest Regards

Of course in Australia, and lots of other countries around the world, the opposite is happening because the doctors do not have their heads in the sand like those in the UK and USA.
Here hundreds of doctors are prescribing Indian generic meds and seeing their patients cured. Even the Australian government is happy about it because it is not costing them anything... It is a win / win situation for everyone except greedy, cruel shareholders of Big Pharma. Ha Ha.

Hi Greg
I hope you are keeping well.
I am currently on the 7th week since i started the 24 week course of Sof+Riba.
I had to wait a few weeks before contacting you in order to get some results first
My first appointment with Dr #### was two weeks after starting treatment.
It was great to find out that the hcv viral load was already undetectable after just 2 weeks and my liver function was perfectly normal.
The side effects between the 2nd and 4th week were definitely hard but manageable. Getting to sleep was a problem but i was prescribed sleeping tablets that really helped.
By now, most side effects have almost disappeared.
The one side effect still affecting my daily life is the reduction in haemoglobin from 18 to 11.
Yesterday had the 2nd appointment with Dr ###### and the results again:
hcv viral load undetectable and liver function normal.

I still have a long way to go until the end of the course but i am quietly optimistic for a positive result. Will keep you posted
i feel so fortunate to have come across your blog at the time when i was discussing treatment with my Doctor.
The realisation that it would probably be impossible to get any treatment at the NHS due to its prohibitive cost was very depressing
At that point I felt that i had to do something about it. It took a leap of faith but i am pleased i went ahead with it.
Thank you again for all your help. Reading your blog was definitely a deciding factor in going ahead with the order of generic Sofosbuvir
I'm so pleased i did now. Will keep you posted about my results. Speak soon
All the best

Hello Greg,
I am so excited and happy!
The nurse from my hep doctor called today, and said that the results from my
blood test viral test were negative.
I expected it sort of,  but still, it is so hard to believe that it is now
really true.
That after 25+ years I am hepatitis free. It is so amazing, like a miracle,
or a new birth, new life.New life that was given to me back by mercy of Lord and love of good people like yourself.
Without your advice I would be probably still contemplating and waiting, risking
liver failure anytime.


Hi Greg,
I am consuming my sof/led and they are destroying my unwanted guests by the
millions.  Rachel signed the package over to FedEx and my wife signed for it
when it arrived 3 days later. Straight from Mesochem-pretty simple supply
chain. Today will be my 7th dose. Minor headache the first 3 days. Starting to
feel more energy after a long day in the classroom.
Personally-knowing what I know now about the new predicted Indian Harvoni
release date-I would do nothing differently.
I am good and getting better.
My advice to folks like me Seize the moment, for it may be fleeting.
Or, as we say around here "Git while the gittin's good..."
You and Dr. Freeman haved changed my life and provided the insight I needed
to solve my own problem. I hope to shake your hand one day.

Thanks again,

2nd November 2015
While things are developing so well for the treatment of Hepatitis C in Australia things in the UK are getting worse. The British National Health Service is actually no longer interested in the health of people in Britain with Hep C, rather they are interested in helping big drug companies hold the people of Britain to ransom. The buerocrats of the NHS obviously get taken to fine dinners by the reps from Big Pharms on a regular basis. I bet they also get funding from Big Pharma for attending "conferances" in exoctic locations. The Fat Cats in the NHS feed on the suffering of people in Britain with Hep C. They have no interest in public health, simply getting their own snouts in the trough and looking after the interests of Big Pharma. Saddly the corruption in the NHS is aided and abbetted by the cowardly inaction of British doctors. The doctor referred to below is the only doctor in all of Britain with the courage to prescribe generic medicines to Brits with Hep C.

Hi Greg,
The news about people in the UK being able to bring in Hep C meds without a script is fantastic. But, just to temper that a little here is some bleak news about the British NHS and their attitude to Hep C:
I saw my doctor at ###### Medical in ##### yesterday. We discussed my treatment (where he's pretty much signed me off as cured subject to a 12 viral load test). Then, as on our previous meetings, I got him talking about the broader discussion of generic Hep C treatment. He's had a look at fixhepc.com and checked out Dr Freeman, and he's impressed by the whole setup. I asked him if people are still turning up at his NHS clinic with generics. Yes they are, he told me, but after a further meeting with his NHS trust managers last week, the order has come down from on high: Not even any NHS monitoring of the treatment of people using generics.

He's frustrated by it: He knows the generics are just as good as the approved medicines; he knows the NHS budget won't even reduce the natural growth of year-on-year Hep C numbers; he has a good understanding of the politics/money behind it all.

I'm going to have a think about how to lobby for this. I lobbied my local MP about an unrelated issue a while back. He's an nice guy, but not up to much, very mainstream and doesn't like to rock the boat.

Anyway, Dr ##### will still treat people. And a guy on my forum has found a group of Polish doctors in Manchester and Glasgow, Scotland who will monitor: private-surgery.eu/ .

All the best,


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